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Banana fruit Puree - 1.4kg

Code: MP9

These bananas are originally collected in Ecuador, then they are immediately concentrated and proces..

10.97€ Ex Tax: 10.45€

Coconut fruit puree - 1.4kg

Code: MP3

Mixer® Coconut is made with pure coconut milk from the Indonesian islands. Our coconut puree is the ..

10.97€ Ex Tax: 10.45€

Cranberry fruit puree - 1.4kg

Code: MP4

Mixer® 100% Cranberry puree is the highest expression of bottled fruit. It is absolutely the most es..

10.97€ Ex Tax: 10.45€

Forest fruit fruit puree - 1.4kg

Code: MP12

Mixer® Forest Fruit contains the equivalent of 1.32 kg pulp of red fruits such as blackberries, blac..

10.97€ Ex Tax: 10.45€

Green Apple fruit puree - 1.4kg

Code: MP10

Only the best green apples from Trentino and South Tyrol are selected and picked at the moment of th..

10.97€ Ex Tax: 10.45€

Mango Fruit Puree - 1.4kg

Code: MP5

Just like all Mixer® purees is not pasteurized but it does preserve itself for 24 months when kept c..

10.45€ Ex Tax: 10.45€

Passion fruit Puree - 1.4kg

Code: MP6

The term Passion Fruit or "Passionflower" comes from the Latin "passion fruit" even though the effec..

10.97€ Ex Tax: 10.45€

Peach fruit puree - 1.4kg

Code: MP7

Mixer® 100% Peach puree retains all year-round the taste of the best Italian peaches picked when per..

10.97€ Ex Tax: 10.45€

Pineapple fruit puree - 1.4kg

Code: MP8

Mixer® Pineapple comes from the double concentration of the best pineapple puree grasped in Israel. ..

10.97€ Ex Tax: 10.45€

Pomegranate fruit puree - 1.4kg

Code: MP2

Mixer® Pomegranate is the best you can get from this classic flavour. As a matter of fact, it contai..

10.97€ Ex Tax: 10.45€

Rawberry fruit puree - 1.4kg

Code: MP11

Mixer® 100% Raspberry contains raspberry puree and brings back in the drinks both the taste and the ..

10.97€ Ex Tax: 10.45€

Strawberry fruit puree - 1.4kg

Code: MP1

Mixer® Strawberry contains 100% concentrated puree of the best selected strawberries from Spain and ..

10.97€ Ex Tax: 10.45€