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Our policy is rooted in the conviction that even tea can be adapted to the culture of the particular consumer. An Englishman, a German or a Frenchman may want quite a different flavour in their tea from a Greek.

That is why The Tea Route seeks out and offers teas that meet these varied requirements.

Part of our work lies in creating new flavoured teas. This has led us to develop a whole collection of Mediterranean teas, among them the Tears of Chios island, a green tea flavoured with mastich oil from Chios island, almond, pistachio and lemon.

For the same reason we travel regularly to tea-producing countries, looking for new varieties, from small-scale growers, that meet the demands of our clients.
These trips also allow us to inspect the conditions in which the teas are grown, harvested and processed, enable us to ensure that the grower is paid a fair price, and generate a climate of mutual trust.